"The Dude Meets OTTO" is a collaborative video annotation project. We want you to log in and share your thoughts about different moments in each video, man. This is not Nam. This is OTTO. There are rules. We need your help to inspect and dissect this collection of Lebowski mashups. If you are not into the whole brevity thing, read the project overview and FAQ. We are continuing to add more content and features as time allows and appreciate your feedback. Our contact info is in the FAQ.
--The OTTO team
The Big Dovahkiin Trailer (Skyrim/Lebowski)
The Big Lebowksi Trailer Recut
The Big Lebowski stop motion animation – The bathtub scene
The Big Lebowski Toilet Scene Study
The Big Lebowski – Kids Swede Movies
Big Lebowski – reenactment toilet scene
The Big LEGOwski
The Big Oscar Retrieval
The Big Whobowski
The DudeGyver: MacGyver/Big Lebowski Mashup
DudeOps: Why The Big Lebowski is About Building a Cloud
Game One – The Big Lebowski Homage
Hitler gets angry about his Lebowski Rug
Lebowski P.I.
The Lost Lebowski
Neo Lebowski
Nixon Playing Bowling with The Big Lebowski Soundtracks
Reenactment #14: The Big Lebowski
Star Wars meets lebowski: Han Solo versus Greedo Quintana
Two Chinese Girls Perform The Big Lebowski
Two Gentlemen of Lebowski: A Dramatic Interpretation
Veronica Mars and the Big Lebowski
Where's the Money, Lebowski? A reenactment of the toilet scene from the Big Lebowski