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  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox

System Requirements:

  • Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer 9+
  • Internet connection with 500+ Kbps
  • Google account

How to Comment on a Video:

  1. Click “Login” in the upper-right corner of the screen. Enter your Google/Gmail username and password and click “Submit.”
  2. Click the blue “Allow Access” button to associate your comments with your Google profile.
  3. Select a mashup video to watch from the Film List.
  4. Click the “Annotate” button, below the video, to add a comment while watching. Add your comment into the Description textbox and click “Add Annotation.”

Commenting Guidelines:

  • All annotations and comment are subject to review. The Dude Meets OTTO project team reserves the right to delete any annotations and comments deemed to be offensive or lacking in merit.
  • Try to be descriptive and include as much information as possible
  • Feel free to comment on the characters, actors, film scene, paired mashup content, themes, technical film aspects, etc.
  • Remember The Dude abides and that's just, like uh, your opinion, man.

Contacting the the OTTO team

  • Ben - Dude - Curator and all around scholar of Lebowski.
  • Chris Turvey- - Duder - Developer and child who walks into the conversation late.
  • Rich Edwards- - El Duderino - Not into the whole brevity thing.